The Grace Keepers, by Kristy Logan.

Me, you, and books

The Grace Keepers, by Kristy Logan.  Crown (2015), Hardcover, 320 pages.

3 stars

A speculative novel about two young lesbians traveling the ocean separately, looking for each other.

The sea has risen and people are divided.  Landlockers, or clams, remain on the islands, while damplings live on boats cruising the ocean. Hostility between them can be intense, but some individuals manage to move from one category to the other. Callanish is a gracekeeper, living alone on an isolated island where she leads burial services for those killed at sea. Born to a landlocker mother, she keeps her webbed fingers and toes carefully out of sight. North belongs to a circus boat, keeping and performing with her bear. The ringmaster intends for her to marry his arrogant son, unaware she is already pregnant. The two meet briefly and are attracted to each other, but their paths diverge. Each has her…

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