Walkabout, last summer

Le Drake Noir

H 96

The danish city of Sonderborg by night, seen from harbor-side.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
Photos from one day last summer – spending some days sailing in this area..

Actually spent some childhood time in this area many many years ago.

S 005

Open door or open bridge, earlier years ago, it was a railway bridge too.

S 003

The cattle enjoy fresh water, but don’t drink it coz the salt in it.

H 97

The summer city party call for tons of happy people into the streets.

H 98

The young drumming boys in sailor suits follows the girl with the baton.

S 000

Modern architecture in a place which earlier was a heavy factory area.

H 95

The local mermaids (which actually and surprisingly had legs) were teasing a lot.

H 82

The peacefully border water between danish Sonderborg and german Flensburg
it can be enjoyed on an about 38 km long…

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