De Punta del Este a Panamá, el fin de la exclusión de Cuba

Barack Obama había nacido hacía solo cuatro días cuando Ernesto “Che” Guevara fustigó públicamente la política hostil de Estados Unidos hacia Cuba durante una cumbre interamericana, reiteró la disposición de Fidel Castro a dialogar para resolver las diferencias en pie de igualdad y conversó en secreto con un enviado de Washington…


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Girls Und Panzer Ema at Oarai Isosaki Shrine

Japan has nothing if not some seriously devoted fans! One of the more popular recent anime shows is the Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァー), which is basically about teams of girl high school students us…


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Rapazes com idade entre 11-15, que relataram ser vitimas de bullying em 2010 – dados da OECD

    In Europe + North America, boys report being bullied the most in Austria + the least in Sweden. 1 in 5 Austrian boys versus only 4% in Sweden: The OECD average for boys reporting bull…


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¿Por qué el ascenso del fascismo?

Una vez más, hay un serio propósito. Los gobernantes del mundo quieren Ucrania no sólo como una base de misiles; quieren su economía. El nuevo ministro de Finanzas de Kiev, Nataliwe Jaresko, es un …


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i miss you mum. but thank you for so much.

at least i have a brain

I got almost 50 years of love from my mum….

i got so so much from her.

and it does make it harder to lose her.

almost one tear ago exactly, my mammy decided that she would go with God.

it was a beautiful death and i was privileged to be with her.

until the day she died I knew she loved me, and she knew that i loved her.

my mam.


  • wee me! in Grannies. oh dear GOD, mum WHAT were you at with those tights? and my wee short dress! LOL i look much more like my granny on dad’s side. so i have always been able to see the parts of my personality that came from his side. But for Mother’s Day, i decided to see what i took from you mum. Personality after all is a mix of nurture and nature…so you are definitely in the mix!…

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