The twisting, capricious nature of “blessings”

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CATEGORY: PersonalNarrativeYesterday was … unsettling. Any time you’re meeting with your physician and the words “brain tumor” come out of her mouth, it’s going to make you sit up a little straighter, even if she’s mostly dismissing it as a possibility. Mostly.

As I have noted before, I suffer from a disorder that causes significant vertigo issues and, commencing in the past few years, a condition called Nystagmus. In 2007 I visited a top dizziness expert at the University of Colorado medical center in hopes of finding some good news. Many tests were conducted and the diagnosis was a degenerative inner ear disorder. It was going to get worse, I was told. Also, people who suffer from diseases like this one enjoy an exceptionally high suicide rate. (Although, perhaps “enjoy” isn’t quite the right word.)

I had been a very active athlete my whole life, but not any more.

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Contra tudo e todos, Gilmar banca doações

Ministro do STF sinalizou, nesta quinta-feira, que não tem o menor interesse em fechar a torneira do financiamento empresarial de campanhas, que alimenta, há décadas, a corrupção no Brasil; “Se esse modelo que se desenha for adotado no processo eleitoral, já é uma encomenda de laranjal”, disse hoje Gilmar Mendes, que indicou que o pedido de vista era necessário; Gilmar ignora apelos de entidades da sociedade civil, como a OAB, de Marcus Vinícius Coêlho, a CUT, de Vagner Freitas, e a CNBB, de Leo


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