Young Ballerinas – Havana

Ron Mayhew

In Cuba, a country with a very healthy flair for the “machismo,” ballet is more a part of her culture than one might expect. When the top ballerinas perform in Cuba today, they do so to cheering crowds and have “rock star” status. The Cuba National Ballet tours the world and many of the dancers earn more than doctors.

Ballet Practice - Havana, Cuba

Ballet thrived during the revolution, unlike most of the other arts and sports. This success rests solely with Alicia Alonso, who founded a ballet school in Havana some 60 years ago. Alonso supported Castro during the revolution and Castro has supported her ballet school since the revolution.

Ballet Practice - Havana, Cuba

Dance is not an exercise. Dance is an art.

___Alicia Alonso

Ballet Practice - Havana, Cuba

The young ballerinas pictured here are studying at Centro ProDanza dance company, which is directed by Laura Alonso, Alicia’s daughter.

Ballet Practice - Havana, Cuba

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