A Home for Every Russian: How Putin Delivers on the Russian Dream

An aspect of Russian economic performance that is never discussed in the West is the rapid increase in the pace of housing construction.Russia built 81 million square meters of housing in 2014.  This was around a fifth more than in 2013 and exceeds the previous all-time high of 72.8 million square meters built in 1987.  Moreover the overall pace of housing construction is being sustained despite the high interest rates at the start of this year.  

Source: russia-insider.com

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On Nonhuman Animal Rights and “Preachiness”

Over the last few weeks I have heard a number of comments from people—some directed at me, others not—about how they don’t like “preachy vegetarians/vegans”. The comments (in varying degrees of hip…

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Curitiba vive guerra contra confisco de Richa

Batalha campal contra o confisco promovido pelo governador Beto Richa (PSDB) deixa mais de 100 feridos, cerca de 20 em estado grave; capital vive hoje o segundo dia de confronto entre servidores e policiais, que impedem os manifestantes de acompanhar na Assembleia Legislativa o debate da proposta que fere direitos do funcionalismo; Batalhão de Choque joga bombas de gás e balas de borracha; deputado federal Enio Verri, presidente do PT do Paraná, classifica de “truculenta”, “absurda” e “ultrapass

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