Dilma deu uma bofetada na Rede Globo ao rejeitar a tevê no Dia do Trabalho. Por Paulo Nogueira

Existem problemas reais, e existem falsos problemas. Falso problema é, por exemplo, Dilma falar ou não por rede de tevê no Dia do Trabalho. Em plena Era Digital, exigir que Dilma apareça na televisão é uma questão de obsolescência mental.

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UfD: Travel Photography-Lessons Learned


Travel Photography-Lessons Learned

Last December Leanne invited me to write a post entitled “Up for Discussion- Travel Photography” for her blog and I happily accepted the opportunity. Both she and I were planning major trips to completely different destinations—New York City and Antarctica—and we asked readers to offer their thoughts on what gear we should be taking. The responses were numerous and full of good ideas.

My Antarctica trip is now completed and Leanne suggested a “Lessons Learned” post might be of interest. It also is opportunity to thank those who commented on the original article. Their collective wisdom was of great help in my pre-trip research. On the subject of pre-trip research I would also recommend a post by Susan Portnoy, an excellent travel photographer based in New York City.

Antarctica 21 Early Morning (38mm, shot at f/5.6, 1/1000th sec., ISO 800)

  1.  One Camera Body or Two?

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¿Merece la pena dejar que nos vigilen para vivir más seguros?

Hoy sabemos que las autoridades que se permiten olvidar los derechos civiles tienden naturalmente al abuso, especialmente cuando lo hacen en la oscuridad. Sabemos que no es verdad que eliminar las libertades civiles reduzca el crimen. De hecho, lo au…

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