A Stick at a Time

Emily Carter Mitchell ~ Nature as Art


It’s time for an update on Zorro and Esperanza. After building them a new nesting platform last week, Zorro and Esperanza have been determined to keep their original home on the neighbor’s boat lift.

To help them with rebuilding their home, and hoping they would build on the new platform, I’ve been leaving gifts in the yard for Zorro’s use. What gifts? You may ask. Well, nesting materials for quick pick up.

Carefully laying out different sized sticks, and soft bedding material I provide a stick buffet for Zorro.


Zorro is a bit particular as to which sticks he wants. Some don’t make the cut and remained in the grass, while the others were whisked away for Esperanza. He starts around six in the morning and works hard for about a half an hour. Seems this stick buffet has made his job easier. It’s awe inspiring to see him swoop…

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