A useful day (with a slight blemish)

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Today’s guest picture comes from the phone of Mrs Tootlepedal and shows Matilda with her mother enjoying the beach at Portobello this morning.

MatildaAs you will gather, Mrs Tootlepedal left after breakfast to visit Matilda in Edinburgh and in her absence, I put a really lovely summer day to good use.  Once again it was a bit hot for me to be outside all day so inside, out of the sun, I managed to catch up with my correspondence, pay some bills, book the rooms for next season’s camera club and put together some cards of views of Langholm for the newspaper shop to sell which will raise some funds for the Archive Group.  Outside, I put the mower blades down to a summer height and mowed the middle lawn, sawed some logs and sieved a bit of compost.  As a result of all this, I was generally feeling pretty…

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