JURASSIC WORLD (2015) movie review

Splatter: on FILM

Spielberg gives Tomorrowland a frightening facelift in this latest installment in the Jurassic universe.JW-8 John Hammond’s flea circus-turned dino theme park dream becomes a reality. Universal Studios tram ride through King Kong’s city scape, Disneyland’s jungle safari cruise, and Sea World’s main attractions combined cannot compare to a day on the original island now paradise once more.DLC00012-720x405DLC00020-720x405DLC00011-720x405But hubris married with technology begets genetically amalgamated super saurus. Only the gritty ex-military turned raptor trainer, Chris Pratt, can calm the cage free and the control freaks. JW-7And, Bryce Dallas Howard proves for womankind that she can run a marathon in heals.bjwax76bjjl4i19u72dy

Some blood, but more jump scares. Some great lines, but more memorable characters. Tons of product placement and even more marketable park merchandise. Sure, every character is a caricature, but this film is meant for pure entertainment. It is meant to be a family action film.

Newby director and writers prove…

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