Antique Symbols – Fantastic Universe 18Q

Implied Spaces

Antique Symbols - Fantastic Universe 18Q Click Image to see details enlarged

The Antique Symbols of the Fantastic Universe 18Q have had exo-linguists  and inter-dimensional  sociologists fascinated for some time. The use of printed text must derive from their access to large arboreal cultivation on a scale unknown to us. It is assumed that the term “Disney vacation” must relate to funerary customs. Whether vacation was a euphemism, a social celebratory activity or an actual form non-corporeal transitioning , as depicted in the visual on the lower left corner, has yet to be established.  It has theorized that “Disney” represents some complex belief system which has no correlation in our sector of the multiverse.

Famed Metaphysical Environmentalist, John Brunner, appears to have had an equally lustrous scientific career in the Fantastic Universe 18Q  as he has had in our own. A “novel” or new thing is no doubt, an 18Q term for an Engineered…

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