Jerusalem is boiling over

The Leftern Wall

Waiting for the light rail next to the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem, It is so hot I can barely think. Everyone I look at is wearing a similar expression, as if the heat is personally afflicting each of us. It is.

Through the haze, I notice two young girls, probably high school students, wearing long, colorfully patterned skirts. They are approaching everyone standing at the station, but they don’t look homeless. I meander towards them, just as they are approaching an elderly woman with frizzy black and grey hair.

“Will you give a shekel lema’an Eretz Yisral, for the sake of the Land of Israel?” One of the girls says. The other holds out a small box.

“What does that mean?” The old woman asks.

Anahnu mekimim mekomot hadashim,” the second girl says, her voice soft, “We are founding new places.”

“Like in territories? The settlements?” As soon…

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