Movimentos sociais lançam manifesto contra golpe da direita

Confira o manifesto, na íntegra, com assinaturas atualizadas, clicando no título. Para incluir sua assinatura no manifesto, mande email para Manifesto Brasil Nós, mil…

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Mercadante usa a tática Felipão na política

A ingenuidade política do Palácio do Planalto é imbatível.
Tome-se a sessão da Câmara em que compareceu o Ministro-Chefe da Casa Civil Aloizio Mercadante.

No início do governo Dilma, Mercadant

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Killing Cecil the lion: A tipping point in exposing hunting’s rape of wildlife

Wolf Is My Soul

From Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic – Vote Our Wildlife on August 04, 2015


“The revulsion about the lion Cecil’s death is an indication of changing times.” — Thom Hartmann

Walter Palmer, Minneapolis area dentist, paid some guides to tie a carcass to their vehicle to bait a protected lion, a beloved mascot for Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. He shined a spotlight on Cecil to shoot him at night, bow-hunting. What is not widely known by non-hunters is that bow-hunting, like trapping and hounding, causes an extremely cruel and torturous death. Palmer and his guides wounded the lion, but he was left to die slowly, killed 40 hours later by rifle. It is common once an animal has been wounded with an arrow to allow him or her to bleed out slowly, to weaken that animal for an easy kill a day or more later. Baiting, killing using lights, killing a…

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PSDB quer acabar com médicos cubanos no Programa Mais Médicos

Senadores do PSDB pretendem expulsar médicos cubanos do Brasil No blog Pragmatismo Político Cássio Cunha Lima (PSDB-PB) e Aloysio Nunes (PSDB-SP) apresentaram projeto que proíbe cubanos no Mais Méd…

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