Smile inside the Louvre

Le Drake Noir

Q 17

Musée du Louvre –  a cultural historical treasure.

Allegedly include about 35,000 works of art.
About 10 million visiting guest a year.

Q 97

Wonder if some of the visitors stay over night.?

Use of cameras and video recorders is permitted inside
but flash photography is forbidden.

M 00

Would have greeted the lady with the highly publicized smile.
Many of the 10 million had the same idea, so I missed it this time.

M 01

“Virgin on the rocks”, another Leonardo da Vinci painting.

No smile for the photographer.

Q 99

This young french art student would very well smile
provided that her drawing wasn’t captured by the photo.
But trust my claim that she was very talented – is truly right.

Q 98

Wonder how long it would take to see all 35.000.?

Probably a life time, for those like me, who starts nearby from start every time.

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