Love makes you a

Who fights for your

Who fights his

Because Love
is acceptance

Love is protection

Love is care

But it is war
And we are on either side
of the fence
Trying to make Lovers
of our enemies

And find the peace in ourselves
At last

Fight me
Tear me down

I am a tiger on a leash
Do not dare release it

These are not my true, exploding colours
It surprises me that you would throw that in my face

This is not my magenta
Auto den einai to lila mou

Stefani tis Panagias
Me prostateueis

Se xreiazomai
Me akous?

Halo of Mary
You protect

You are needed
Am I heard?

* * *
Tell me everything about Italy
Where you are from

Do paintings still have meaning?
And street sculptures, do they still

come to life when
the moon gleams rightly upon…

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