ultrafacts: Every morning, her priority is to…

ultrafacts: “ Every morning, her priority is to stand by the side of the road and patiently wait for her mate to return – on his scooter. She is a gray Toulouse goose named Maria. He is a retired…

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À propos de musique et d’Islam, de singes et de porcs, de djihadistes et de The Clash… oh et puis aussi de tatous | le Bloug

Message de Noël: Nous vivons dans un monde de pinchés tamarin ; Joe Strummer ne l’a pas supporté. Rock the Casbah!

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Temperatura aumenta 2,5 vezes mais rápido na Rússia que no resto do mundo

”As mudanças climáticas levam a um aumento de fenômenos meteorológicos perigosos”, disse o ministério russo do Meio Ambiente Mundo/Internacional- Jornal do Commercio…

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VICTORY! African Lion receives real protections under US Endangered Species Act

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown no longer.

The US Fish and Wildlife announced today that African lions will be afforded meaningful protections under the US Endangered Species Act.

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INTRIGUING Ghost Town in China

Ordos, Inner Mongolia, is known as the largest Chinese “ghost town”. Curious to see these surreal cityscapes, photographer Raphael Olivier went there in order to capture images of its eeriness, empty streets, abandoned buildings and very clean atmosphere. A symbol of the Chinese dream, contrasting with a less flamboyant reality, to discover.

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More restrictions on lion trophy hunting imports

No more of these! After the USA placed very strict controls on all future African lion trophy imports earlier this week, the EU Scientific Review Group announced that a decision was made to place a “negative opinion” on all future lion trophy imports from Mozambique….

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