Tanzania tries again! New anti-poaching effort to halt corruption and mega-elephant slaughter 

Two years ago, torture, extortion and murder brought down Tanzania’s infamous anti-poaching campaign. The Operesheni Tokomeza Ujangili campaign was so badly managed that government heads rolled. A new anti-poaching campaign that will be less militarised was unveiled yesterday. 

 Talking to the Guardian, the permanent secretary for tourism and Natural resources Major General Milanzi said that the new campaign will be a “special” one and will “address the poaching problems” in the country. 

 The new campaign will be aimed at gathering intelligence. There are already sniffer dogs in airports and other intelligence operations will bring poachers to book without the threat of military violence. The new approach is to try and effectively get ahead of the poaching gangs without the intimidation, violence and death that took place under the failed Ujangile operation.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.the-newshub.com

Let’s hope this works!

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