Nagasaki Bio Park has a brand new friend to share with the world: A baby Malayan tapir! — RocketNews24

How can one creature be simultaneously this cute and this silly looking? No question about it, baby animals are adorable. Even if their grown up bodies aren’t super delightful, you can count on the young’uns to bring elicit exclamations of “cute!” And that is one word the Nagasaki Bio Park will be hearing a lot now…

via Nagasaki Bio Park has a brand new friend to share with the world: A baby Malayan tapir! — RocketNews24


CARTOGRAFIA DO ‪#‎NAOVAITERGOLPE‬ NO FACEBOOK Por: Fabio Malini em sua página no Facebook Cresceu muito, em uma semana, o número de eventos, grupos e páginas criados pelas ruas da esquerda para “defender a democracia”, para dizer “não vai ter golpe” ou ser “contra o golpe”. A cada dia é preciso atualizar os números. Em 19/03, …

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Revealed: Nearly 500 children potentially groomed by paedophiles in Merseyside

And 70 sick abusers allegedly tried to meet their victims for sex between 2013 and 2015

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They deserve nothing less than the death penalty, no jail term is long enough and the money it would take to keep them should be going to caring for our vulnerable, NOT wasted on the likes of this lot!

Councils ‘failing to provide suitable accommodation for homeless people’

Councils are being accused of breaking the law by failing to provide suitable accommodation for homeless families. 

In one case discovered by The Independent, a homeless child suffering from bone cancer, initially stuck in hospital because Camden council failed to provide suitable accommodation, is now sleeping in his grandmother’s dining room.

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The treatment of ‘Sick and Disabled’ people in the United Kingdom is deplorable, reprehensible and unethical. According to the government’s own statistics, the number of people with disabilities becoming homeless has risen by 39 per cent since the Tories took power in 2010. What kind of a person treats a disabled person this way? Since the Tories took over in 2010 they have systematically attacked and bullied ‘Sick and Disabled’ people taking away choice and control in their lives, pushing more and more into poverty, “dramatically” decreasing levels of support, and increasing levels of hostility towards them as a result of the “scapegoating” of benefit claimants and lies. This is not the way to treat our most vulnerable and can’t be allowed to carry on, please sign and share this petition  

Almost 132,000 people have signed, also write to your MP and the PM and tell them this has to STOP enough is enough.   
While the Tories love to bark out that the money they spend on disability has increased they don’t break that down and it is therefore deceiving; people’s monthly disability payments have decreased because they have been frozen, hundreds of thousands have falsely been found fit for work and had their disability payments stopped, 1,000’s have died because of the reforms finding them fit for work and they were not. As people age they are much more likely to become sick and disabled and we are all aware of our aging population, rise in population, advances in medical care and Cuts to the NHS and preventative care are the reasons why more is been spent and the reason why more will be spent. Thank you for your support!