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You cannot improve one thing by 1000% but you can improve 1000 little things by 1%.” — Jan Carlzon Jan Carlzon was the CEO of the SAS Group (Scandinavian Airlines) from 1981 – 1994 and turned around the airline from one of the industry’s worst performers to one of its best. In doing so he […]

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Alexandru Paleologul: “Uniunea Europenă este o catastrofă. — euzicasa

“Uniunea Europenă este o catastrofă. Pare a fi un element ponderator contra influenţei excesive a americanilor. Dar ce, a fost inventată de europeni? Nu, domnule, tot de americani! Uniunea Europenă este anti-Europa însăşi! N-avem ce face. Probabil că n-avem încotro, că ni se pune sula-n coaste ca să fim şi în Uniunea Europeană. Nu era […]

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¿El matrimonio protege de los problemas con la bebida? — La esencia misma del Misterio

Las personas casadas tienen menos probabilidades de sufrir problemas con la bebida que las personas solteras, y el efecto protector es particularmente fuerte en aquellas personas con antecedentes familiares de alcoholismo, según un estudio reciente. “Aunque hace mucho que los médicos son conscientes de los importantes posibles efectos protectores del matrimonio con respecto a los […]

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Chinatown night — the lazy photographer

They sure like their signs in Chinatown, and I’m thankful for it. I snapped this one in late February on a particularly warm winter night. It’s another example of how patience can pay off. I saw the people in the distance walking toward me, which gave me plenty of time to compose the shot. And […]

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