Glacier Nat’l Park – Black & White

nomadruss in words and photos

In April I made a trip to Glacier Nat’l Park. I spent most of my time on the eastern side along St. Mary Lake. It was quiet. One evening there were around 10 other parties in the campground, the next evening I found myself completely alone. It was a tad eerie, and yet exactly what you dream of, being all alone in a national park. The following morning as I loaded up my truck along came two sub-adult grizzly bears. Had they been watching me, smelling the food in the back of the truck? Maybe. They sauntered off before I could make their portrait.

RBT_3754This week I opted for black and white, perhaps to change things up and keep pushing myself as an artist. It was time to process things differently. So here’s a take on Glacier National Park, the eastern side, in black and white. RBT_3795.RBT_3944.RBT_3995.RBT_4337.

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