USA sanctions against Russia are also aimed against Europe


“Killing Europe”: US Sponsored Economic Sanctions Are Not Just against Russia, EU is Under a De facto Sanctions Regime

By Umberto Pascali

eu_russiaThe Italian-American analyst Umberto Pascali explains the presence of Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi at the Saint-Petersburg Economic Forum and the extension of EU sanctions against Russia:

Germany is beginning to work against its own self-interests.

While this process of economic suicide was very clear in Germany, in Italy it is not the same. The level of unemployment is such that every week thousands of companies collapse. There is no possible view of the future unless the sanctions against Russia will be eliminated. Some time ago, the prime minister of Bavaria, formally an ally of Angela Merkel, didn’t care and simply went to talk to Putin.

The longer the sanctions last, the more difficult it will be to put an end to them.

And this is a very…

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