Glacier Nat’l Park

nomadruss in words and photos

When I initially arrived at Saint Mary Lake in Glacier National Park my soul was rejoicing. It was so beautiful that I can scarce describe it. It wasn’t until I was beneath the night sky though, that my lens could begin to take in its magic. The first evening I just caught my friend Orion moving behind Otokomi Mountain. RBT_3963

The following image was made at 4:37am. It was cold and still and the heart of the Milky Way revealed itself to me. RBT_4011At 5:17am the sky was turning blue and mountains seemed colder. RBT_4038

You’ve heard that it’s darkest just before the dawn, it’s also the coldest right before the sun breaks over the ridge lines. I was still out at seven and rejoiced when the sun finally began to bring some warmth. It was another gorgeous early spring morning. RBT_4090

I figured I was about through for the morning when I…

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