Opposite: Old vs. New

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0W5A0050-Edit-Edit-wine glass

This week’s opposite theme is challenging. Ben Huberman explains, “The tension can reside in what you choose to show — old vs. new, big vs. small, dark vs. light — or in how you frame and design your shot.”

Earlier, I didn’t think I had a photo for this challenge, now I’m posting the second one. The first photo shows the dark vs. light, also the old wall vs. the modern looking of wine glasses.

0W5A5242-WPC opposite

I was delighted to see the castle. It sure looks like Tuscany…


I think Castello di Amorosa actually is an old idea of building castle vs. a new marketing idea of promoting wine. Opposite, yet so very cool! 🙂

The castle interiors, which include 107 rooms on 8 levels above and below ground, cover approximately 121,000 square feet (11,200 m2). Key details and building techniques are architecturally faithful to the 12th and 13th century time period.  …

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