Three line tales: Terminus

Jane Dougherty Writes

This is for Sonya’s three line tales challenge. The photo for the prompt is by Charlie Hang.


‘The ferry terminal’s over there,’ she said, ‘so what’s that thing, so low in the water down there, where those people are trooping so silently?’

‘Different destinations,’ he replied, taking her hand as they climbed up the spidery stairs towards the platform where the neon sign winked red at night, and they could see the arms of the bay stretched out into the mists of the ocean, around the invisible island.

He looked down at the boat, punting through the dark water away from the quay, then back at her, his eyes filled with a deep sadness, and in the instant before he jumped into the buffeting wind, pulling her after him, she understood where they were going.

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Rezenha Crítica A Mosca 1986 de Cronenberg


Capa A Mosca 1986

Anos 80, quando o horror era o terror, e o terror era o horror. Quando os diretores ainda destacavam-se pelos efeitos práticos e não especiais. A magia do cinema encantava ou horrorizava. Neste clássico, a ordem era horrorizar e depois encantar. Um filme que havia assistido em minha longínqua infância, confira a rezenha crítica de A Mosca, do mestre Cronenberg.

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the healer by christoph fischer  – GRANT LEISHMAN


Source: the healer by christoph fischer  – GRANT LEISHMAN



This is not the first Fischer book I have read, but it is the first set in a contemporary environment. The Healer is definitely different from my favourite book from Fisher, Ludwika, but it is an excellent and enjoyable read. It also covers some weighty issues and has plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader interested and engaged. One thing Fischer always does well is make the reader guess what is coming next and, of course, for an excellent author like him, the readers’ guesses are often incorrect, as mine were on numerous occasions.
In this story, high-flying and high-living advertising executive Erica is given the most dreadful of news. She has inoperable stage-four pancreatic cancer and only a few months left to live. In desperation, with the help of her faithful assistant Hilda, she seeks out the only…

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Opposite: Old vs. New

The World Is A Book...

0W5A0050-Edit-Edit-wine glass

This week’s opposite theme is challenging. Ben Huberman explains, “The tension can reside in what you choose to show — old vs. new, big vs. small, dark vs. light — or in how you frame and design your shot.”

Earlier, I didn’t think I had a photo for this challenge, now I’m posting the second one. The first photo shows the dark vs. light, also the old wall vs. the modern looking of wine glasses.

0W5A5242-WPC opposite

I was delighted to see the castle. It sure looks like Tuscany…


I think Castello di Amorosa actually is an old idea of building castle vs. a new marketing idea of promoting wine. Opposite, yet so very cool! 🙂

The castle interiors, which include 107 rooms on 8 levels above and below ground, cover approximately 121,000 square feet (11,200 m2). Key details and building techniques are architecturally faithful to the 12th and 13th century time period.  …

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When darkness falls

Jane Dougherty Writes

The Daily Post prompt is: darkness


When darkness falls at sunny noon,

And night birds croon

Where blackbird’s song

Is heard day long,

A warning’s carried in the breeze,

Among the trees.

‘Weep,’ say the pines:

I fear the signs.

My heart knew something was amiss,

For your last kiss

Was cool and brief,

Unlike my grief.

No turtledoves among the boughs,

Where dark wind soughs,

With their refrain,

To soothe this pain.

You’ll not return, the world’s awry,

The hoarse crow’s cry

Will fill my ears

Down all the years.

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Os seletivos vazamentos de Moro contra Lula (Que justiça é esta?)

Luíz Müller Blog

Do Jornal GGN

Moro trancou “a sete chaves” depoimento de Bumlai sobre Instituto Lula

O juiz federal Sergio Moro decidiu adotar postura completamente contrária a que teve em março deste ano, quando decidiu divulgar para a imprensa o áudio de uma conversa entre a presidente afastada Dilma Rousseff (PT) e o ex-presidente Lula, no âmbito da Lava Jato. Segundo informações do Estadão desta quarta (6), Moro tomou a decisão de manter “a sete chaves” o depoimento que o pecuarista José Carlos Bumlai prestou à força-tarefa.

Segundo apurou o jornal, no depoimento secreto, Bumlai respondeu questões sobre a aquisição do terreno e das obras da sede do Instituto Lula. Os investigadores quiseram saber se Bumlai teve participação nesse assunto e qual teria sido o papel da Odebrecht.

Bumlai não é delator da Lava Jato. Ele está preso sob regime domiciliar desde março, válido por três meses, após ter detectado um câncer…

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