Bad reviews = good company! #1-starClassics #SundayBlogShare

Barb Taub

gold starWhen I get a bad review…

I play the one-star game. It’s easy! Just take any classic work of literature, and check out its one-star reviews.

For example:


“This book is the worst love story ever! Read Stephenie Meyer books!”~Sachi ❤ Review

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, 1595


“P to-the-double-O P.”~ Ring Mah Bell’s review

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, 1813


“While the plot was very gripping and well-written, the book didn’t actually instruct me on how to kill a mockingbird. I bought this book intending to do away with this obnoxious bird that’s always sitting in my backyard and making distracting noises. I had hoped this book would shed some light on how to humanely dispose of the bird, but unfortunately it was this story about a lawyer and a falsely-accused criminal. As I said, the plot is great but nowhere in the book…

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