15 Things I’m (still) NOT Giving Up To Be Happy #MondayBlogs

Barb Taub

“I am so excited to go to jury duty!” said no one ever.

A friend just told me she’s been tagged for jury duty—for the third time. Of course it’s the first rule of jury summons that it must NEVER come at a time that would actually be convenient for you (such as during mother-in-law’s surprise visit, high school reunion week, entire year that your daughter turns thirteen…). But it did remind me of this post from several years ago about last time I received a jury summons. And it reminded me of one more thing I’m glad don’t have to give up to be happy—living in another country gets you an automatic pass for jury service! I wonder where  my friend would like to move…

After the third friend recommended The World Observer Online’s article, Fifteen Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy, I decided to take a look. The first…

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