Author Events and what they do or don’t do

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woman-882568_1920Author Events on Facebook…Are they worth it? Is it good marketing? What type of Author Events work the best?

I don’t actually know the real answer, though I can tell you what I have seen and how things seem to me.

First – The easy part is making an event, putting up a description and banner and sending out invites – well as long as you remember to make it public. So it can be a bit confusing for the first time.  Oh and make sure if you use a pen name, the event doesn’t use it…That can be quite confusing for your friends and those doing author takeovers.

Okay now you’ve set up your event, you’ve invited your friends and author family, so you put out an invite for author take over slots.  This is where it depends on if you are doing an open book event, author book…

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