Beneath Stormy Skies – Yellowstone

nomadruss in words and photos

We had a stormy week here in Yellowstone, making it a good time to take the camera out around sunset. The following photographs were made around Midway Geyser Basin and Grand Prismatic Spring. But in my opinion, it was Grand Prismatic’s cousin, Excelsior Geyser Crater, that stole the show.

RBT_2826 A storm rolls over Midway Geyser Basin

RBT_2886 The colorful silica formations at Grand Prismatic Spring 

RBT_2895 Grand Prismatic Spring during a rainstorm 

RBT_2931 Excelsior Geyser Crater stealing the show

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Sintomáticas imagens

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Fotos verdadeiras e com certeza expressões verdadeiras nos rostos dos atletas das fotos. Uma é com Dilma, golpeada pelo nefasto golpe capitaneado por Temer, Padilha, a Gang do Cunha e o retrógrado empresariado nacional. O Brasil e os brasileiros pagarão a conta com desemprego, fome e miséria. E os atletas que tiram fotos com os dois golpistas sabem disto. As camisetas aliás, são amarelas, mas não são aquelas da corrupta CBF, usada por milhares de otários que defenderam nas ruas o golpe “temerário”.

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Perfume Of the Past

19th Century Modern

By Alphose Mucha, 1896

Continuing with organic beauty that ties in with the 19th century (even in an obscure-reaching sort of way), I’m now turning my focus on perfumes. At first I thought it was silly when I ran across it. It started with “organic perfumes???” to “of course there’s organic perfume!” There’s organic everything!

Again, “organic” is a process; a natural cultivation, if you will. Organic is NOT vegan. Vegan means no animal or animal-by product used in the harvesting and creation of an item.

Unlike synthetic scents, natural versions are quick to evaporate and the notes are not as “strong/overpowering.” Organic versions tend to have fewer ingredients, where as the man-made versions can literally have over 100! Each bottle of an organic perfume has numeral variables that dictate the strength of the aromas and its longevity including the actual botanical/animal elements, the season and time of harvest, including…

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