In Others' Words...

“Memories demand attention

because memories have teeth.”

Viola Davis


About a month ago I was talking with my cousin Mary and she asked me a question about something that happened a very long time ago, when I was about twelve.  We talked about it briefly, matter-of-factly, and then the conversation was over and we moved on to other things.

I kept coming back to it, though, and I wasn’t sure why.  The thought of it was following me around.  The memory kept nipping at my heels for a couple of weeks until all of a sudden things became very clear, as though I’d put on glasses and could suddenly see.

The truth is doggedly persistent.

Mary had unknowingingly handed me a piece of my story that I’d not even known was missing until it was returned to me.

Kids are naturally imaginative and creative.  All human beings are, but children…

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