Avalanche Peak – Yellowstone

nomadruss in words and photos

As a photographer, I really don’t like your average day hike. Too many people start late in the morning and the entire hike ends up being during the harsh light of day. To be sure, you can still make a quality image or two, but for me the best hiking has got to be done at dusk or dawn. In Yellowstone this is a bit complicated due to our friend the grizzly bear. You can’t just go it alone like you would normally as you don’t want to run into a bear when you’re by yourself, and dusk or dawn just happens to be when you’re more likely to. So I had to do some convincing to get friends willing to stand atop a 10,500 ft. summit at sunset and work our way down the mountain at dark. I have some good friends.

RBT_5219 There was one small ravine on the…

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