Review: “The Photograph” by Grant Leishman


30353515Today I’m glad to present “The Photograph” by one of my favourite authors, Grant Leishman. Remember my post of “The Second Coming

I’m not a big fan of horror stories but I trusted Grant Leishman enough to bring some class to the supernatural / horror / mystery novel, and he did.
The story begins with the rise and fall of photographer Tony Logan. His business during the old days of photography and his failure to catch up with the technological advancements in the field. His wife also leaves him as the business is going under.
Just as he has hit rock bottom he finds a role of film from his mother’s funeral in 1970. He hadn’t dared to develop, since he feared it might open up old wounds.
Up to this point the main character has already a lot of depth and we identify with him deeply. There is a…

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