Summer strolls #walking #suffolk


2016-07-22 11.18.11

I enjoyed a few days in Suffolk. The sun shone and Dog insisted on a  walk.

2016-07-22 10.35.06

We looked at the map; he agreed we should go to Halesworth and follow the Blyth river pretty much all the way.

2016-07-22 10.40.41

Which we did. It’s a lovely four miles.

2016-07-22 10.40.18

There are well managed farms, with meadow grasses and cattle; there are straw bales and reed beds.

2016-07-22 11.07.05

There are nettles. Geez are there nettles.

2016-07-22 10.36.54

At one point I thought I was going mad.

2016-07-22 10.49.06

I heard voices. Anxious voices.

2016-07-22 11.04.21

But I couldn’t see anyone. The fields to my left were empty.

2016-07-22 10.49.06

Those across the river to my right equally unmanned and yet somewhere close by two men were debating something with a degree of animation.

2016-07-22 11.12.52

Eventually I spotted them; they were kayakers, battling the enormous reeds in a  vain attempt to row up the river to Halesworth.

2016-07-22 10.48.53

There were butterflies and moths a’plenty.

2016-07-22 10.38.13

There were…

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