Friday Music Prompt # 54: Sound of Silence, cover by David Draiman and Disturbed



Image: taffmeister (Sounds of Silence on

At first it was deafening

Prolonged, drawn out

I felt despair, on edge

What would I do in the face of loss?

Darkness did loom as a friend

To be embraced, considered,

But words like those silent raindrops

Feel and on each one hope was inscribed

And I knew to be patient,

For being there was always far more important

Than not and turning our backs.

We are not prophets, just two people

Finding our way in this crazy world

Wanting to lean on each other

Needing one and the other

To be the folk we want to be

Knowing it’s never too late

Change can happen, will happen

When we believe in ourselves

Reaching out, discovering,

Far more than the sound of silence.

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