Notre Dame’s Gargoyles and Grotesques


Notre Dame de Paris is the most famous Cathedral of Paris.

Construction began in 1163 an the cathedral was essentially complete by 1345. Notre Dame is located on the eastern half of the Île de la Cité in Paris downtown.

Gargoyles and Grotesques were the first residents of Notre Dame.

Gargoyles came into gothic architecture in the early 13th century and are defined as “a waterspout, projecting from an upper part of a building or a roof gutter to throw water clear of walls or foundations.” The origins of the word ‘gargoyle’ are derived from the old French word ‘gargouille‘ meaning throat. In Architectural terms only the creature serving as actual water spout is called a Gargoyle, otherwise is it known as a Grotesque. A grotesque may function solely as decoration.

Below, pictures of Paris taken from the Cathedral with the eyes of the gargoyles and grotesques.

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Berlin – Artwork von C215 am Haus Schwarzenberg

Dosenkunst - Graffiti im Rhein-Main-Gebiet

Streetart by C215 in BerlinEndlich habe ich die Signatur des Künstlers C215 entschlüsselt und kann ihm Namen, Facebook-Seite usw. zuordnen. Fotografiert habe ich schon einiges von ihm, auch in London in der letzten Woche. Hier zwei Arbeiten des Pariser Streetart-Künsters Christian Guémy am Haus Schwarzenberg, genau an der Tür zum Cafe Cinema. Ich mag seine Kunst sehr. Mehr Infos ua. bei and Berlin.

Streetart by C215 in BerlinStreetart by C215 in Berlin
Hier nochmal das Motiv von C215 an der Brick Lane in London:

London Graffiti Streetart Brick Lane

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Revolta contra a Censura à Liberdade de Expressão

Blog Cidadania & Cultura

torcedores-protestam-contra-michel-temer-no-mineirao-1470530177045_v2_750x421Fora Temer 1

Quando há uma manifestação coletiva como a vaia ao presidente golpista na abertura da Olimpíadas fica inviável a censura pela grande quantidade de pessoas vaiando, embora seja um ato político. Senão, teriam que esvaziar a maior parte do estádio

Fora Temer 2

Tocha X CasseteteEstá na Constituição, mas o comitê organizador da Rio 2016, com anuência do Ministério da Justiça, decidiu ignorar o direito à liberdade de expressão e proibiu cartaz, camiseta, faixa ou qualquer outro item usado em manifestações políticas, tudo para proteger o presidente usurpador. Está de volta a censura!

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99-word story – Sound

A Certain Point of View

I bathe in sound. I sample nibbles of pleasure from each vibration darting across my ear drums and diving into my cortex, translated into a sensuous internal orgy, savouring each soft contact. Conducting each stochastic orchestra, I stand proud and revel in the tempo and timpani of the beats of life, vibrant, swayful, playful. I zealously horde rictus rhythms, stockpiling them deep in psychological vaults, ready to access at a moment’s notice, always ready for me. Dextrous fingers tap out the beat, luxuriating in the lovers’ secret dance, beneath covers of shame…

It’s the silence that fills my nightmares.


Written for Charli Mills’ weekly 99-word prompt challenge, on the theme of “the sense of sound” –

Picture credit:

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Jose Padua: Whenever My Son Sees Horses

Vox Populi

Whenever my son sees horses by the side
of the highway I wonder what it would
be like to ride them. To feel tall with
the horse’s added height and run faster
than I ever could on my own. I wonder
what it would be like to pilot an airplane,
rising higher and higher through the
atmosphere until the details of the ground
grow less vivid and its enormity a concept
I can almost grasp with the parts of my mind
that stretch and fold like arms. Whenever
my son sees horses I think of all the places
I’ve never been, beautiful distant cities,
long train rides over snow-capped mountains
where here and there people live while
tending warm fires and hot pots of soup
and where bread has no taste until it reaches
one’s belly and butter is an unhurried feeling
in one’s veins. And the brown and black…

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Book Review – Not by Design

Ann Fields

Not by Design “Not by Design” is the latest offering from multi-published women’s fiction author Carol Balawyder. It is a sequel to “Getting to Mr. Right,” which you should read if you haven’t. “Getting to Mr. Right” is the story of four women who meet at a support group (the focus of which is women who have men/father issues) and form lasting, sincere friendships.

“Not by Design” is Felicity Starr’s story. She is one of the women in the support group, and she has it all—looks, youth, a rich father, talent, true-heart friends and the love of a handsome, successful man. She is living a fairy tale life in France, studying art and pursuing a career in art, while enjoying an active social/love life. But even fairy tales are wrought with obstacles and that’s exactly what our heroine encounters—one setback after another. There’s the death of her father, a dwindling bank account which…

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Estará a Europa condenada à vassalagem a Washington?

Teoria e Práxis

Paul Craig Roberts

A Segunda Guerra Mundial resultou na conquista da Europa, não por Berlim e sim por Washington.

A conquista era certa mas não toda de uma vez. A conquista da Europa por Washington resultou do Plano Marshall; de temores do Exército Vermelho de Staline

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