What Does My Headscarf Mean to You?


Today, I had the privilege of meeting renowned Australian Ted Talk speaker, Yassmin Abdel-Magied. Who do you think she is, when you first see her? Some oppressed lady trudging along to get home to her dominating husband? How about a Formula One race car driver, or a mechanical engineer who spends months dedicated to proving her ability as a highly proficient worker? Despite being the only brown, scarf-wearing, Muslim woman amid a team of men who are seen as “competent unless proven otherwise,” Yassmin strives to alter social norms and be a role model for other young Muslims/minorities who are n0t sure if they have to power to instigate change. Trust me, you do.

Yassmin came to the University of Houston to speak at an event held by the Muslim Student Association. As I entered the room, I grabbed a slice of lukewarm cheese pizza and seated myself in the empty first row…

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