Am I a Bold Digital Health Influencer?

Living With Hearing Loss

I am proud to be nominated in The Boldest Digital Health Influencers Award contest in the patient advocate category for my hearing loss writing and advocacy! Voting ends September 2nd. If you have a moment and are so inclined, please click here and send a vote my way. Thank you!

Vote here.

Excerpts From My Nomination

Shari Eberts founded as an outlet for her personal struggles accepting and living with her genetic adult-onset hearing loss. Growing up in a family where hearing loss was considered shameful, she learned to hide her own, until she had children. To set the right example for them, she needed to accept her own hearing loss, and begin to advocate for herself within the family group and externally at restaurants, theaters and with her healthcare providers. So she did. Soon after, she joined the boards of two leading hearing loss related non-profits, Hearing Loss Association of…

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