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Often we don’t think bad things can happen in a relatively stable country and when they do, they happen to “other kinds” of people, especially to those that seem different, whether it is religion, place of origin, lifestyle, or genetics. When certain entities or, for instance; a contender to be a leader of millions of people is elected to the highest office and the terrible “suddenly” happens to all of us, we act surprised and say, well “if only we had known.  But, we do know, we always know, we just pretend that somehow “good” will be the result of “ill”.  Typical and often used fear mongering of “others” is a consistent trait/trick used by the ill-intended.    As someone one once said, “when someone shows you who they are – believe them!  It often takes only one “ill-intended” human to destroy millions of our friends, families, and neighbors because they…

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