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There’s a saying “we are what we eat”. I’m not sure whether I’d like to be identified as a momo or not, yet those dumplings are sure to make it to the list of my favourite foods. Now a predominantly Tibetan delicacy, momos have been a staple food for the people in the northern hilly region of this state. And bongs, who are sure to visit Darjeeling a no. of times (with their monkey caps & woolen socks), would gobble these up in no time. I don’t know when exactly these dumplings climbed down the mountains & made their way into the food stalls of Kolkata, but in my opinion are the most popular street food nowadays just behind egg rolls & fuchkas. Sure there are a no. of dedicated momo outlets & stalls throughout the city (don’t dare forget bapida or the one in front of academy), very few…

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