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Domestic violence? You probably think you know what I mean. Some poor, badly-dressed woman in a household where they receive loads of benefits, trembling in her cardigan because her rough partner is about to beat her again. battered-womanWrong! For a start, domestic violence counts both ways. Men are also beaten up by their women. Very battered-manlittle is known about it because men traditionally don’t report it, being ashamed. Victim Support could tell you that the figures are surprising.

You are also probably seeing the said thug kicking the woman on the floor.

Wrong! What makes you afraid? What puts you in fear? If someone is making you afraid, you are a victim. Making a fool of you? Deriding everything you hold dear? Not allowing you to speak? Telling you what to do? Forbidding you to do things?

That is victimisation.bully

Why do you put up with it? Well there…

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