Guest Post – The Empowerment Seesaw

Just Call Me Elm or Something

Hey everyone! Today, I have a guest post from the wonderful S, from Element of Honesty. This blogger sent me one of the most lovely emails I’ve received in a while, and is a kind person overall. This post is one of the most amazing ones I’ve read in a long time.


These days, we’re witnessing the peak of empowering movements. Whether it’s women, LGBTQ+, body image, race and ethnicity, or social class, the world is slowly moving towards empowering those that a typical society looks down upon. But, at the same time, a new phenomenon is surging, what I like to call The Empowerment Seesaw (which is, by no means, a recognized technical term).

The Empowerment Seesaw is what happens when, in order to uplift a certain group of ostracized individuals, we tear another group down. For example: when, in order to empower someone who has a…

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