Unfinished Lie

Promising Words

Dear Beloved

I am fine. The children are happy too.

The weather is peaceful and bright but we still miss you.

We are having a wonderful time without any trouble;

So you don’t need to worry or struggle.

Life is going good,

We hope to see you soon..

..wrote the soldiers wife, in the dimness of the broken bulb.

The hungry children cried with fear of the thunder- “When will papa return?”

The wife had to hurry back to where her children lay;

To console and make them sleep without any delay..

She sang them a lullaby and slowly closed her eyes,

Leaving behind the Unfinished Letter of lies..

~Sanjana Laddha ( Self Written )

Some lies are god forgiven.

– Sanjana Laddha (Self Written)

Just trying to do some calligraphy along with the writing part. I hope you enjoy reading. Thank you for the…

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