Our South Africa

Debbie Gravett

Happy Heritage day to my fellow South Africans

You are black and I am white
You are Indian and I am not
You are Muslim and I am spiritual
You are Afrikaans and I am English
You have a brei and I round my O
All friends and all different
A blessing that I am able
To know so many different people
Who have diverse beliefs
Some traditional and some not
None right and none wrong
Each to our own and that’s okay
For this is what makes
The colour and beauty of our
Amazing rainbow nation
Our heritage all the same
For this land in the South of Africa
Belongs to each and every one
And it is up to all of us
To join together and claim this land
As ours, to build and grow
Home and haven to our souls
In peace and harmony

Debbie Gravett ©…

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