Won’t you be my (creepy) neighbor? #ThrowbackThursday

Barb Taub

Won't you be my scary neighbor?Won’t you be my scary neighbor? [image credit: imgur.com]

When we moved houses recently, our new neighbors on either side came over with invites, coffee, and stories about our house’s history and the neighborhood. It was lovely, but I couldn’t help wondering what I would find to write about. I thought wistfully of the good old days back in America: guns, swat teams, plenty of blog fodder…

So in honor of ThrowbackThursday, here is a repost of a blog from a few years ago.

My daughter and I were heading home from the movie when the police stopped us at the entrance to our little slice of Seattle McBurbia. They said there was a Situation. I explained that I absolutely had to get home or in about nine months there would be a Situation at my house. My son and his girlfriend had left the theater before us and were undoubtedly…

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