a north east ohio garden

did you ever have the situation of trying to tell two identical twins apart ?   awkward.  confusing.  sometimes even frustrating.  and more i am sure.  please let me flip that coin.  step into a garden.  earlier today i was looking up at a very tall cosmos.  the flowers that just opened today were a much richer color than the flower that opened a day or so before.  and yes they were on the same plant.  another opportunity to observe nature at work.  or at play.  or at educating.  tonight i moved from nature observation class 101 to 102.  searching for a picture.  found one.  i think it is Alien Data Base.  so i compare it to other images.  it is.  and it is still one of those faces moments.  are these all the same flower, the same plant ?  well each day is a new flower.  a flower that…

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