Blotting out the Neighbours

“It’s not that I don’t get on with my neighbours but…..” This is the standard response I always get whenever I ask about that unmentionable ‘P’ word…. PRIVACY. You see, privacy is the number one concern among around 90% of my garden design clients. After all, nobody wants to live life in a goldfish bowl  do they? Here trellis blots out the neighbours:


When we moved into our house my neighbour didn’t like it that we were intent on putting up taller fences to create a bit of seclusion. ” No matter where you go I will always be able to see you!” was the threat. But now, with 6 foot tall fences ( the legal limit), close weave trellis, trees, pergolas, tall shrubs , palisades and climbers , we are cocooned in our own secret little garden, safe from prying eyes.


I always maintain that everyone should be able…

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