Go Team You! (NaNoWriMo Prep Part 1)

Rachel Poli

Writing a novel is no easy task. Sure, writing a novel is definitely doable if you’re up for the challenge. But it’s emotionally draining, mentally challenging, and physically difficult.

NaNoWriMo is great for a lot of things: motivation to begin chasing your dreams, a difficult challenge and the feeling of accomplishment once it’s completed, and so many resources for the writing world. Yet, it is a stressful 30 days. The pressure is on as soon as the clock strikes midnight on November 1st.

Despite the pressure, NaNo helps out with one more thing (whether you join the challenge or not): a writing community.

If you strive to be a published writer, or even if you just write for yourself, it’s so important to have a support system.

NaNoWrio 2016: Go Team You!Why you should have a group of writer friends

Writers understand what other writers go through on a day to day basis like…

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