The Medicine made me do it.

Victoria Dillard Daily

It’s not my fault, all this shopping. My doctors have been telling me for years to watch out, look out for the warning signs of erratic behavior, gambling, promiscuity, and excessive shopping. Some patients have gone bankrupt, lost their homes, their spouses, everything. 

It’s the meds they tell me, side effects.

I’m keeping my eyes open I tell my doctors. Then one doctor glances down at my purse. Then takes a quick peek at my shoes, skirt, blouse, sweater, scarf, coat, handbag, all perfectly put together. I eye her down like a black girl from the projects. She turns away.

“I do not have a problem.” I respond. 

“Have you purchased anything you couldn’t afford?” One doctor ask.

“Yes,” I reply. “My children.”

“Any unusual sexual activity?” Was the next question.

“At this point any sexual activity would be unusual.”

“Are you in debt?”

“Who isn’t.”

Leaving the hospital I…

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