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This post, from Sarah Brentyn, loped into my inbox today, a little bedraggled because my inbox was flooded and rather unannounced in truth. It is part of a blogathon, here offering a ‘things I learned from the movies’ meme and a hashtag thingummy #learnedfrommovies.

So, I mused: what have I learned most from any one movie? Turned out to be straight forward choice, as a writer and poet of no noticeable acclaim.

The movie is really a book. Well a series of books. In fact it’s a radio series first and foremost but we are splicing editing suites rather.

It is

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

By St. Douglas of the Adams

My take-ways?

Even the Vogons get to read their poetry

Vogon poetry is the worst in the universe. Their captain reads it to Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect, admittedly not willingly. But it gives all nascent…

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