Brindle and Butterscotch


Like a warped signal, a fading blue light,

a knife fight you never got to finish, a

breed of dog no one has seen; I collapse

like a lung, stripped of my paint, sat too

long in the sun, a list of comparisons, a

tragedy on a manuscript, ripped from the

mind of a great writer, doused in wine

and high on song; the walk I was on was

stolid yet beautiful, the leaves gently

left home to the ground, like me and my

ever growing list, and without notice, a

beauty busted me out of slumber, a man

and a dog stood fatly in an alley, and I

chuckled as his hound took aim, my

companion and I continued our journey,

I laughed and suggested we work as one;

minds apart like a stranger traveling, a

turkey dinner in June, a star crossed love

asleep on the couch, madness…

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