14 Reasons Why We Love Reading Historical Fiction #SundayBlogShare #HistoricalFiction

Lucy Mitchell


There is something magical about reading historical fiction. After interviewing historical fiction writer Evie Gaughan yesterday, I am taking a moment to celebrate historical fiction.

Here are the reasons why I think we love reading stories from this fabulous literary genre:

  1. It is a form of mental time travel.
  2. There is nothing more pleasurable than escaping our modern lives via bonnets, horse drawn carriages, corsets, breeches, knights in armour, sky high wigs and chaste kisses.
  3. Historical fiction can make us appreciate our own era.
  4. It enriches us with knowledge.
  5. It gives us the opportunity to find out how historical events influenced and shaped people’s lives.
  6. The romances in historical fiction always take awhile to come to the boil but when that kiss finally happens we are beside ourselves with reader joy.
  7. It teaches us that human nature has essentially always been the same.
  8. We love the drama and passion that…

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